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Movement Against Forced Psychiatry

quote.png Forced psychiatry is a crime against humanity.

Vincent Dallaire - Founder of the Movement Against Forced Psychiatry

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Forced psychiatry is a worldwide problem. When authorities are faced with accountability, they take the easy way out by abusing of their power. Forced psychiatry touches millions of north american families. Medias are censoring the problem by being silent and politicians do not bring it forward as an issue in political debate. Forced psychiatry survivors do not have a voice and are often left broken by malicious authorities abusing of broken public systems. We believe in holding these authorities accountable for their crimes and we stand against forced psychiatry of any kind. It is out of sheer repulsion for these crimes that the Movement Against Forced Psychiatry was founded in 2023. The movement is only just beginning but, as it will grow, its ability to bring change will foster and psychiatric survivors will finally have some justice delivered to them.

If you want to help, you can participate in the movement by signing the Petition Against Forced Psychiatry. You can also help with the incorporation of the Movement Againt Forced Psychiatry as a canadian non-profit organization. You can download the form RE-303 and fill in the details about you including your signature and address. If you want to avoid providing your real address, you can get a Post Office Box at your local post office and provide this address instead. We need 3 signatures to be able to incorporate as a non-profit including the founder Mr. Dallaire. We are missing only 2 signatures. This would greatly improve the visibility of the movement by increasing its legitimacy. The form is in french since the company will be incorporated Canada wide in Quebec which is required to be done in french. This also means that you need to be canadian in order to provide your signature. To fill in the details, you need to print the paper, fill the 'Les requérants' section with your information and your signature then return it as a scanned pdf at The document will be updated as soon as possible once we have new signatures. If you signed an empty document, it might mean that there aren't any signature for now. Otherwise, we will be in touch with you for combining several signatures in the same form. Once we get 3 signatures, we will work towards incorporating the Movement Against Forced Psychiatry in Canada. You can also help with the design of a logo for the movement. You can submit your logos at and we will be in touch with you. We do not yet take donations and are sorry that the website's features are not all in place for lack of time and expertise. We are working on improving the website every day.

We do not yet do legal representation or legal advice but the movement founder's Github page contains further information about him and some legal documents pertaining to his own fight against corrupt authorities. Contact us with the information at the bottom of this webpage and let us know your story. We might feature your story of courage to the News section of our website. Thank you for reading and the Movement Against Forced Psychiatry wishes you great success.

For further information about forced psychiatry, you can read the following online resources:

1. Human rights organization defending human rights in mental health - Mind Freedom International.
2. The UN condems forced psychiatry.
3. Can psychiatry apologise for crimes against humanity?
4. The most dangerous thing you will ever do - Mad In America.

The Founder


Vincent Dallaire is the proud founder of the Movement Against Forced Psychiatry. He is a psychiatric survivor and has been the victim of forced drugging for 2 years. There is absolutely no shame for him to have been a victim of torture by malicious authorities. The only shame for him was to stay silent and not do anything to change things. This is what pushed Mr. Dallaire to create the movement.