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quote.png Forced psychiatry is a crime against humanity.

Vincent Dallaire - Founder of the Movement Against Forced Psychiatry

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A man tortured in psychiatry for years killed by police in Louiseville

Written on April 5th, 2023

One police officer dies a coward while harassing Isaac Brouillard Lessard, a now defunct psychiatric survivor, in Louiseville in the province of Québec

Armed police came to arrest a so-called dangerous mentally ill person in Louiseville on March 27th, 2023. When met with a human and proper response to years-long torture and harassment, police likely attacked the man who fought back with a knife. When other police officers realised that one of theirs was killed with a knife, they came back with guns and killed the man who was fighting back with what amounts to a makeshift weapon.

All too often, the population that police claim to protect are exposed to danger by malicious and corrupted authorities operating within broken public systems. Québec authorities abuse of powers granted to them by dangerous and contradictory laws that lawmakers use to subjugate people who do not agree with them. Forced psychiatry laws are the cause of so much abuse that it is impossible to fully demonstrate their enormous and vicious impacts. Especially so if authorities do not even compile statistics or make them available to the public. Very often, psychiatric survivors are left with no choice but to fight back with makeshift weapons against enemies that are much better armed and trained. These police officers are unworthy cowards.

Popular medias report on this case with a derogatory tone which recalls the speech of quebec authorities. These authorities deny the real nature of forced psychiatry as torture by using manipulatory expressions such as 'care authorizations' or 'anti-psychotic medication'. These drugs destroy the brain of persons who are forced to take them and often even forced to pay them to the pharmacy. In this particular case, Isaac Brouillard Lessard was even accused of assault against psychiatrists while they were actively torturing him in forced psychiatric orders. Forced psychiatry kills numerous persons every year. You can read a defense package written by doctors worthy of this name for more information on the impacts of forced psychiatry. The defense package is provided by Mind Freedom International but the documents are not signed so they cannot be used in court:


An email was sent to the appointed coroner by the coroner in chief of Quebec who's responsible to carry a public investigation into the deaths of this police officer and of Isaac Brouillard Lessard. The Movement Against forced psychiatry is convinced that the death of Mr. Lessard would have been avoided if he was never subjected to forced psychiatry. Psychiatrists and other authorities are the direct cause of the murder of Mr. Lessard. You can read an english translation along with the french version of that email.

The founder of the Movement Against Forced Psychiatry was subjected to similar psychiatric abuse as this person who died a hero protecting his rights and honor against deeply corrupted authorities. All of our respect goes to this man and to his grieving family and friends.

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The Government Of Quebec Forces Electroshocks On An 82 Year Old Woman

Written on February 3rd, 2023

Atrocities in Quebec: a judge rules for torture


In 2020, a judge of Quebec ordered an 82 year old woman to be subjected to forced psychiatric electroshocks. This measure is a well known method of torture that corrupt authorities use to subjugate people into submission and conformity. MAFP stands behind that woman and demands that the Government of Quebec immediately stops subjecting her to torture. MAFP also demands that the Government of Quebec immediately repels their forced psychiatry laws to prevent similar incidents. Every year, thousands in the province of Quebec, 3200 new victims in 2020 alone, are subjected to forced psychiatry in what the court calls "care authorizations". These procedures are nothing more than illegal torture orders as the United Nations has recognized forced psychiatry as torture. A public officer cannot order someone is subjected to torture. It is recognized as a crime by the Criminal Code of Canada.

Judges in Quebec often strike these torture orders with non-publication orders that they claim are to protect the privacy of the persons that are subject to it. It is actually a way to hide the facts and prevent medias and the local population to be made aware of these facts. It makes it very hard to help these victims. Sadly, since it is an event from Quebec, the link to the full report and most other reports about it online are in french.

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The Pandemic Used As An Excuse For Psychiatric Torture

Written on February 12th, 2023

An approximate 500 new forced psychiatric orders granted in Quebec city alone for the first year of the pandemic

For the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 10 new forced psychiatric orders per week were granted to hospitals in the district comprising Quebec City alone. Le Soleil, a news media operating in Quebec, interrogated sources from the judiciary system such as judges at the superior court who grant these orders and psychiatrists. Of course, Le Soleil comes to the easy and wrong conclusion that, since people are affected by the pandemic, they are more sick and should be tortured more. Clearly, torturing people in forced psychiatric orders will not help these persons.

Instead, it seems like the pandemic is used as an excuse to wrongfully explain more abuse and corruption. Forced psychiatry is disproportionately used on vulnerable persons such as the elderly, homeless persons or even indebted students who cannot afford a proper representation and who are not able to properly enforce their human rights.

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Universities In Quebec In Conflict Of Interest Surrounding Forced Psychiatry

Written on February 12th, 2023

Integrated Academic Centers of Social Services (CIUSSS in french) affect access to education with torture and conflict of interest


A Centre Intégré Universitaire en Santé et Service Sociaux (CIUSSS) is an hospital where a lot of psychiatry students from surrounding universities will undergo their residency while they are specializing to become psychiatrists. Most psychiatrists working there in the public system are ancient students of those universities or even current employees. Some of their patients that they subject to forced psychiatry, including forced drugging, forced electroshocks and forced hospitalisation are also students at these universities. They are placed in conflict of interest for studying there and easily ostracised due to word of mouth. The honor of these victims is hindered to a point where it can be inhumane and psychologically impossible to further study at these universities because they are the institutions that made the cause of their trauma possible.

The founder of the Movement Against Forced Psychiatry has been a victim himself of these institutions. His 2 years forced drugging order has been requested by an employee of the university where he was studying while he had criminal accusations of threats against members of the same university. Most psychiatrists with which he interacted during this ordeal were either current employees or ancient students of Université Laval. For example, Sophie L'Heureux, the psychiatrist who requested his forced drugging, is and was an employee of the university.

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